So it begins...Again!!!

How it began:

About 7 years ago I was on vacation in Carlsbad,CA and I went to a farmers market. I walked past a booth selling solar for homes. They had a solar cooker there. She asked me if I wanted solar for my home and I said no, but what is this thing?

She said that is a solar cooker. I was intrigued. She gave me the man's card that built it.  I used  that material to make cat houses and was thinking this was so cool that you could cook with it. I spend the entire week watching YOU Tube videos on solar cooking. I like to dive deep into subjects.  

I pulled out his card and  called Jim up and we met for lunch. I told him I made stuff like this we could use my printing and packaging back round to help produce these faster. I thought we could sell them on Amazon and see how they would do.

Well a long story short and we went into business together and we did and he still does sell them on Amazon.  

The partnership did not last and that freed me up to go my way and for him to go his way.  I could now experiment and make new and easier to use cookers.  I tried all sorts of stuff and all sorts of material.  I finally settled on a few great cookers that fit the bill for different scenarios.

Meet the Cookers:

The S'more cooks a s'more and is a good proof of concept item.  Great for teaching solar cooking in the classroom. Low cost and simple to use.  

The Solo or as some would say the backpacker. It folds up to weigh less than 1 lb.  It can be set up in seconds and is great for the hiker that is destination camping.  It can cook food for one all day long.  I have cooked at least 3 meals a day on it on backpacking trips. It is low costs and it will last a long time if you keep it from getting wet.

The Duo is the perfect cooker for Car camping and Rver's. It is big enough to accommodate our 3 pot system where you can cook corn on the cob on the top, rice in the middle and ribs on the bottom. It will cook a large pot of food too. A 5 to 7 quart roasting pot will fit in there nicely.

The Quattro is our largest cooker and it will accommodate our 6 pot system. Cook a huge amount of food or cook a variety of food. We use siz  3qt. stacking pots to cook about almost anything. It also has a very large base so you can put a 18 inch roasting pan in it and cook a 14lb lb turkey with stuffing.  

All of our cookers are designed be easy to use, fold down  to a small footprint and last a long time.

Who is Dr. Solstice?

Scott Rundle is Dr. Solstice.  The nick name was given to him by his good friend Norbert Loewen when Scott was teaching solar cooking to 150 8th grade students.  The name stuck and the rest is history. The logo was made by Tess Lackey from Wyoming and it harkens back to Burt's Bees founder. He was a bee guy that  started with nothing and was happy living his life on the farm.  That resonated with Dr. Solstice. And hence the logo was born.

Goals for Dr. Solstice

My fear is the world is getting hotter and it is both man made and  the climate is in a warming trend. Deforestation and development is ruining many ecosystems around the world.  I am sure green house gases are not helping either.  I am not a Scientist, but one only has to look at heat records set every year to know most areas around the world are getting hotter.  So what can we do to help cool and improve  our planet? We can solar cook. That does two + things.  First off it slows down the need for charcoal or other cooking fuels by using the sun to cook vs using other fuels. That will help on deforestation.   Second it uses a sustainable resource the sun we all have access to to make something wonderful. The + is that solar cooked food is so excellent tasting and is more nutritious.  Solar cooking with our cookers cooks the food slow. The temps rise as you cook longer and the sun rises. That brings your food temps up slowly keeping nutrients in the food better compared to most fast cooking methods.  

Our Mission:

How do we help the people in  the most need.  In USA we turn on the stove in our ventilated kitchens and presto we have hot food soon. In other nations they can use a variety of sources of fuel that are not always easily obtained or are the best for the people and or the environment.  Cooking over wood fires has been linked to respiratory issues worldwide. 

How do we do it:

So we designed cookers that are easy to set up and take down, light weight and store easily. The are low cost and can get lower. We even set up a  wholesale program to help entrepreneurs and NGO's, Mom and pop stores, pop up stores and interested farmers market sellers to go out and make a difference in the world.


Our tagline is: 

Change  the World One person, One Solar Cooker at a time.


Our guarantee.

Our Duo and Solo made of 2 mil coroplast are guaranteed until the sun stops shining or the world ends. If yours fails in anyway send it back for us to fix it or replace it.


What can you do to help?:

You can donate to Solar Cookers International.

You can buy a cooker and start solar cooking

You can start  a business, buy wholesale and make a living selling solar cookers. We have lots of ways to sell cookers. Just ask us!

You can support an NGO and help us help a business or family in another nation started on their solar cooking business.


No matter what you do look around. We need people and people need us.  We hope we have done a small part in helping the world become a really cool place to live.




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