Worldwide Opportunities and Solutions

Sam works and runs a school in Kenya. He loves solar cooking for the good it can provide his students and his country. Kenya mostly uses charcoal that is generated by cutting down forests areas in a non sustainable way. See the before and after picture of deforestation due to Charcoal Manufacturing.

Charcoal is expensive and is the main source of cooking fuel. Cooking over wood or using charcoal can cause serious respiratory issues and small children can get burned if they fall in the fire. Solar Cooking products and materials for Sam to make products is hard to come by in Kenya. So we have shipped him already made solar cookers in bulk that he can sell to supplement his income. Shipping from California to Kenya is expensive, but we have found it still makes sense and allows Sam to make extra money for his students and family. Our goal is to Change the World One Person, One Solar cooker at a time. Please contact us for more info or to become a partner!